Angelokastro – The Castle of Angels In Corfu

Angelokastro - The Castle of Angels In Corfu

Angelokastro is an old castle built up on a hilltop just after the village of Krini on the NorthWest part of the island and overlooking Paleokastritsa. Reachable by car, moto or organized tour and usually combined with a visit to Paleokastritsa is definitely worth visiting.

An ideal spot for the lovers of photography since from up above you can get great shots that you would not be able to get from anywhere else in Corfu!

Because of its position though and the climbing it is involved the ideal time to go is in the early morning hours especially if your are on the island during the months of July and August.

Comfy shoes, a bottle of water and a hat are mandatory for your climb up!

Photo © Rik Freeman – On Assignment for Reveal Greece

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  • Rik Freeman

    I have to say that anyone wanting to visit here is in for one heck of a treet. There is a small car park at the very base of the hill, next to a lovely taverna, so getting drinks and food is not a problem either before or after your accent to the castle. The walk up is not too bad, when I initially got there the castle was shrouded in cloud, it was only as I was walking up that the cloud broke giving me the chance to get some stunning shots, not only from the top but on the way up as well. Only at the castle itself you may have problems due to the fact that the only steps are the original steps carved into the stone that are in some places near to non existant, but, it is well worth the walk up as the views are stunning as well as the castle itself, which is steeped in history and must be one of just a few on the planet that was never breached by any invading forces over the centuries. Testimony to that is that at the top you will see graves carved into the rock where any dignitaries were interred while the castle was under siege. Looking at the carvings it is incredibly emotive due to the fact the holes were cut to fit, no more no less and unlike a grave dug into earth you can easily see the shape of the body that lay at rest. On a more positive note, not being one to be outdone a church was also carved into the rock below the castle and today it is an eerie but tranquil place to visit, the alter itself still had the remnants of an original painting on the wall although it is very faded now. A massive thumbs up for the castle and it is a definate place to put on the “must go to” list. You will not be dissapointed.


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