Corfu in Autumn | Ionian Islands

Corfu in Autumn!!! Maybe the best season of the year to visit the Princes of the Ionian Islands!

Autumn is selected by those who know. And visiting Corfu during this time of the year is the ideal choice for whomever is looking to combine harmoniously the sun, the fun and the peace, avoiding the “crowds” of the Summer.

September & October consist the season of vintage… the period during which the whole island smells of grapes since almost every local is producing his/her own wine that will be offered to family and friends or even will be served it in their businesses! For most that love Corfu this is the time they choose to visit. This is the time that everyone has the opportunity to get to know the real routine of the island.

In November the weather gets rainy, the majority of the touristic places have already closed and lifestyle changes. Locals are relaxed, unstressed, enjoying the days after the long summer season.

This is the time to enjoy Corfu the way that only the locals know it and that will be more than happy to share with you!

Photo © Bill Metallinos

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