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Corfu’s Traditional Delicacies!!!

Sikomaida: Made from chopped figs left to dry in the sun, hand kneaded with peanuts, almonds, must, orange peel, nutmeg, pepper, cinnamon, fennel, and ouzo. It is then wrapped with fig leaves and left to dry. Served cut into pieces to accompany a Corfiots afternoon coffee.

Riganata: Stale brown bread soaked in water, for a few minutes then squeezed firmly with the hands. The bread is crumbled, then add salt, oregano, olive oil, vinegar and mix well. This is served accompanied by small black salted olives.

Tzaletia: A kind of biscuit made from corn flour and water with raisin, hand-kneaded and fried. Served dusted with icing sugar.

Poulenta: A kind of porridge made from corn flour sometimes boiled with milk for breakfast and other times boiled with water and tomato sauce or raisins for lunch or dinner.

Bianketa: A sweet made from peeled almonds and mandarin “rozada”, a type of light cream.

Tsilihourda: Entrails of lamb or goat, finely chopped then browned in olive oil with lots of spices, vegetables, onions and black pepper.

Bourou-Bourou: Spaghetti broken into short lengths with tomato sauce, onion, olive oil, chopped potatoes and lots of red pepper.

Kolopimpiri: Boiled well-drained spaghetti with fresh olive oil and lots of black pepper.

Savouro: Fried fish usually sardines or white bait with sauce made from rosemary, vinegar, garlic, and raisins.

Stakofissi: Delicious speciality of sun-dried cod, soaked for several days in water then cooked in a white sauce with pepper, spices, fresh finely chopped garlic, salt, chopped potatoes, water and olive oil. It is the traditional dish for Palm Sunday.

Beans Bourdeto: Beans soaked in water for half day, boiled with salt, drained then sautéed in a bourdeto sauce. Bourdeto sauce is made from lots of finely chopped onions, olive oil, salt, red spicy pepper and tomato juice.

Omira: Small sea plants, thoroughly washed to remove all traces of sand, are lightly sautéed with vinegar.

Mushrooms Kouramites and Onirites: Locally grown mushrooms, distinguishable by a very large umbrella and thin stalk, are roasted on the grill with garlic, chopped parsley and some drops of lemon juice.

Cuttlefish bourdeto: Cuttlefish, cut into large pieces and cooked in a sauce made from lots of olive oil, finely chopped onions, salt, red spicy pepper and cuttlefish ink.

Fresh beans, green peppers, aubergines, marrow, and potatoes “bianco”: Cooked with black and white pepper, a good quantity of olive oil, finely chopped garlic, vegetable spices, and lightly fried onion.

Salad roka and antrakla (glistrida): Wash thoroughly then cut into large pieces, place in a large bowl with some radish leaves, small round tomatoes, black salted olives, olive oil, salt and lemon juice or vinegar.

Cod fish pie: Cod fish fillets coated in flour with tomato sauce, olive oil, red pepper, fresh onion and garlic, then baked in the oven.

Tsitsibira: A pure Corfiot drink, free of preservatives, is said to be a very good aphrodisiac. It is made from fresh lemon juice, sugar and pepper-roots imported from India or China. Very similar taste to ginger beer.

Noumboulo: Made from fillet of pork marinated in wine and spices, wrapped in animal intestines and smoked for 30 days.

Salami: Made from pork meat and fat cut into cubes with garlic and spices, wrapped in animal intestines and smoked. Left hanging to mature for 30-40 days.

Sausage: Pork meat coarsely minced with lots of oregano, cinnamon and other spices, wrapped in animal intestines, plaited and smoked. Left hanging to mature for approximately 30 days.

Freskamenta (pavlosika or fragosika): Sweet aromatic tasty fruit from the cactus plant (prickly pears) and is very popular with the Corfiots. They are eaten, cold with lots of water, usually in the morning.

Tzintzoles or tzitzifa: Small tasty deep red fruits with a pip. They are eaten fresh, left to dry in the sun, boiled in must or baked in the oven and can be kept in preserving jars for up to a whole year.

Fogatsa: Typical Corfiot Easter cake.

Mandoles: Roasted almonds, with caramel poured over them.

Mandolato: Glucose, honey, sugar, meringue, rosewater and brown almonds. Mandolato, mandoles and koum kouat are the trade mark of Corfu Island.

Loukoumades: Usually made on the name days of Corfiots and of course the Eve of Saint Spiridon day.

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