This is Greece by Rik Freeman Facebook

2014 started out in a great way!!!

Our favorite photographer, Rik Freeman, has just launch “This is Greece”; a very touching campaign promoting our country with images that he took during his various visits in our country enhanced with short texts written by him  expressing his true feelings about our country.

If you are considering visiting Greece and want to see more and more of those images coming along join us and like Rik’s Facebook Page!

And for those of us more involved with the online world you can find Rik on:  Twitter | Google+ | Pinterest | National Geographic | Panoramio | Vimeo and many many more…

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  • Rik Freeman

    Thanks to everyone at Reveal Greece, this was in fact an idea from nowhere, I was looking at some images prior to archiving and I had a thought “can I do anything more with these? There must be something that can be done as it would be a shame to just file them away in a folder called??? This Is Greece!!!” That was my little light bulb moment, good grief? Why did I not think of that one before? And so, it is great revisiting some images knowing that I can get a message across stating one simple fact, and that is as you all can see from the image “This Is Greece” and it works…. I have had some wonderful feedback from it from across the globe and with this wonderful endorsement for sure I know it makes it all worthwhile, but, I am having a lot of fun in the meantime looking and reliving some wonderful memories, I only hope that someone out there looks and decides they want to try that memory for themselves, if that can happen, Oh wow…. :-)