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Greece Where To

“Greece Where To” is a special travel guide made by locals for people considering a visit to to Greece and would enjoy traveling as a Greek would do.

A travel guide that includes only a number of destinations around Greece, some of them well known and some that are yet to be discovered accompanied by a few handpicked lodgings, restaurants and other places where everyone can enjoy the art of Greek Hospitality.

A practical travel eBook that is dedicated to fun and relaxation and not on historical sites and visits of monuments.

Available to download for free form the iTunes Store it can be read on your iPad, iPhone and all Macs.

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  • Rik Freeman

    Well what can I say, having read the first ebook (Athens) and loving it I said to myself, “how on earth are these guys going to cover the WHOLE of Greece?” There is no way that all the places of interest in Greece can be crammed even into an ebook where the number of pages can be significantly more than any physical book.

    Having travelled across, seen & photographed hundreds of places in Northern Greece, Halkidiki, Thessaloniki, Corfu and many other places I myself know of the challenge this posed. Well, they have done it, it is by no means a warts and all ebook giving you the pros and cons of each and every place to be seen far from it.

    What it does give you is first and foremost is “The Spirit Of Greece”, which in itself is no mean feat, written by those who are not only Greek but have a wonderful insight into the places to go that matter and an obvious wealth of knowledge given to us in an informal but concise way.

    For anyone who has not visited Greece and may well be thinking of it I cannot describe what it means to be in Greece, you really have to come to experience it for yourself, there are so many words and ways to describe it I myself would need to compile an ebook larger than this.

    What this guide does give you is also paramount to you having not just a great time but a life changing experience for the better and a greater understanding of why everyone you speak to about Greece eyes light up and the first words are “Oh I love it there”.

    This guide helps you to find the places that matter, to help you get around quicker and a heads up prior to visiting the places listed so saving you time having to find them for yourselves. Well done yet again to all at Inaossien on this wonderful publication.

    Certainly something I can personally recommend, beautifully written, some stunning and yet “real” images and local knowledge that you just cannot buy anywhere. Excellent.


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