Ioannina, a stroll by the lake is a definite “Must”!


When in Ioannina a stroll by the lake is a must. And the best way to do it is as the locals do. So start you walk by taking off from the pier and walking alongside the lake under the shade of hundreds years old trees you and are in for a very special treat. You will be participating in one of the precious joys of the locals’ daily life that they never get bored or tired of.

No matter when you visit the stroll by the lake in Ioannina is always amazing.

In the winter months, you may be lucky and experience frozen bits and pieces, in spring and in autumn you are likely to enjoy magical scenery at certain times of day and night where the fog shrouds the area with its signature veil and in the summer it is just a bliss.

So no matter what your attire may be, just join those that either hand in hand or just in groups or even solo, enjoy the amazingly charming and serene setting having the lake on one side, and the castle’s stone made imposing walks on the other. This is one of the best kept secrets of Ioannina!

Photo © Menelaos Sykovelis


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