Kensington on Sea

Kensington-on-Sea indeed! Are you surprised??? You shouldn’t be!

The United States of the Ionian Islands (Corfu being one of them) was a protectorate of the United Kingdom and since then Corfu has always been a favorite destination for Britons.

In more recent years some of the major UK Media and News Papers have given a part of the island of Corfu the new name “Kensigton-on-Sea”!

That same part of the island that is also the favorite one of Corfiots and all Greeks visiting and is covering the wider part of the northeast coast starting at the village of Nissaki and going as far up as to the fishing village of Kassiopi.

Photo © Rik Freeman – On Assignment for Reveal Greece

  • Rik Freeman

    Absolutely love the title, and, it sits perfectly, I was there last summer (2013) and the British influence is more than obvious BUT not to the degree it detracts from being a traditional Greek region. In fact prior to my visit I had read up a little and was a little worried of what I might find, the last thing I wanted to see (AS I have in other places) was a Little Britain in Corfu, and I was pleased with what I saw. In fact throughout the whole of Corfu they have managed to keep the Greek identity strong, you cannot escape the fact it is a Greek island and anyone who has a fear of a foreign language really need not worry, as 90% of the locals do speak and understand English. For me I like to think of it as integration gone right, and the title for this is perfect.


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