Mani | Peloponnese


Mani is like no other place in Greece! Mountainous and Coastal… Beyond imagination… Hard rocky shores, hidden pebbly beaches, coves torned by the sea… Naked hillsides…

Extended in both the Prefectures of Laconia and Messinia in Peloponnese the area is divided in Exo, Mesa and Kato Mani!

It is a region that has not yet been widely developed for tourists and masses but travellers and explorers will enjoy it the most. It has small villages with beautiful old mansions and captain houses converted to upscale guesthouses, an abundance of restaurants and cafes… Unique places that you can taste the most delicious food made with local produce! Unlimited beaches that are always peaceful even in the peak of the season.  And one of the best virgin olive oils made in Greece!


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