Reveal Athens! The Conceptual Travel Guide!

Reveal Athens! Enjoy the delights of Greece’s Capital City in just a few days.

Athens has it all. From the past it has history, culture, art, beauty. In the present the city has a vibrant international culture, famed nightlife, truly beautiful hotels.

And who can ever, ever forget delicious Greek Cuisine? Or that fabulous party that goes with it?

Athens is Life! in big bold noisy colourful capital letters.

This is the city of the Greeks after all, and if there is one people who really know how to live life to the full, no matter what, it is the Greeks!


Reveal Athens - Inaossien Ltd

  • Only recently looking over this ebook one word describes it all – WONDERFUL. Only being a brief visitor to Athens (the Ring Road) I had no real desire to go there being as it is on of the most visited cities in Europe. Thanks to Reveal Greece that desire has now been reversed. From the very first page you are taken on a trip into Athens and being as big a city as Athens is I can only imagine the headaches that went into selection the places these guys have to recommend, but, it works. Each page is nicely laid out, easy to read and although informative and precise at no point did I get the urge to skip a bit. For a document with 86 pages these folks have squeezed a lot into a small space without the feeling of scrimping or saving on space and it is obvious that the contributors know what they are on about with some little details put in that you just could not get from anything else available in print, so leading to a very authentic and honest summary of each subject. Accompanied by some lovley images the whole package is great, and now it is also telling me I need and I-Pad in order to get the very best of this. If you have not visited Athens or are planning to this is a must, it will save so much time on trying to find where to go and at worst will give you a head start on others who are without this less informed. A great idea and some innovative thinking on this provides us all with a clear insight on where best to go and with the support of the Reveal Greece team should you have any questions makes this a clear winner. Well done to all. Oh, and no I am not a travel writer or journalist, just a modest truck driver now appreciating life.


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