Skopelos | The “Mamma Mia” Island of “Kalokeri”


Skopelos! This island is a magical place with a beautiful landscape, rich nature, beautiful remote beaches and lots traditions. And is part of the complex of Aegean Sea islands called the Sporades. It is still an original Greek island. An island that is high on the lists of Greeks, Britons and Germans since it only became widely known after the movie “Mamma Mia” was aired in 2008 and made everyone to want to visit the island of “Kalokeri”.

Skoplelos is the island that is chosen for its natural beauty, the great food and overall simplicity since here you will not find a wild nightlife,  Michelin starred restaurants or high street boutiques.

During the day you can explore the beaches that some are accessed by car and others by boat, drive through the hills and the villages and stop over at the monasteries that seem impossible to be counted, enjoy a meal at one of the tavernas and just be part of the everyday life on a Greek island.

Neighbouring with the island of Skiathos makes it a perfect option for enjoying a holiday visiting two Greek islands at the same period of time. Skiathos can be your arrival point if you travel from anywhere in Europe since there is an airport there and then you will just have to take a ferry which is almost an hour long relaxing ride.


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