Stroll around Corfu Town’s Kantounia


Old Corfu Town is just a very special place and you should not miss spending a day exploring it and enjoying it too by walking around in the kantounia.

Most visitors have a feeling that this is not Greece; but yet it is! The old town and even the newer part is always full of life and surprising for some it is also filled with music!!!

The Venetian influence is very obvious and this little pretty town that retains a style of another era is one of the signatures of Corfu Island.

Photo © Rik Freeman – On Assignment for Reveal Greece

  • Rik Freeman

    What can I say about the Old town, apart from it is an incredible place to visit. No matter what your taste or fancy there is something for everyone here. Do not think that all you can find is on the main streets either, the old town has a myriad of alleys and side streets just begging to be explored, it is up to you to take the time to look and it is time well spent, I was amazed at the diversity of things to do and things to buy while walking through some of them, OK you will be inundated with coffee shops and cafe’s, but, there are also small family run busineses, so if you want to buy some incredible locally made honey or an olive tree sculpture they are there, in abundance and being small businesses the prices are wonderfully cheap as well. Not only the sidestreets but the buildings themselves, over the years a lot of famous people have resided in Corfu town and you will often see a plaque with a famous person named as living in a certain building at some stage, add to that the history and when at the top of town the gorgeous views it really is a place that takes some beating. I was a little scepticle of what I might find in Corfu town but, now, I absolutely love it and cannot wait to return, there is still so much more to be seen and appreciated.


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