Thessaloniki for a Week-end!


Thessaloniki is the gogo place if you are looking to escape for a weekend! A city destination by the sea with great food and nightlife! A place where you can enjoy some amazing moments overlooking the sea! A place that retains its local character and culture while at the same time is a metropolis!

Look no further! Just hop on a plane and fly to Thessaloniki or Salonica! Our country’s second largest city located up north and just hours away by car from Istanbul or Sofia.

An ideal choice for almost everyone since it has plenty to offer even to the most discerning visitor. Sightseeing… Shopping… Great food… Lovely Cafes… Never ending nightlife… and the best “Bougatsa” by far!

Photo © Rik Freeman

  • Rik Freeman

    Oh I am so glad you put a post up for this great city. I love Thessaloniki, it is a mad, crazy place, and it does remind me a lot of London with the pace of life, but, where London lacks is the “chill factor”. For this Salonika is king. At the Docks end of the city you will find the recently developed “New Dock” designed purely for visitors, here you will find the Museum Of Film and Photography as well as the well reknowned and popular kitchen bar, by night it is just gorgeous with how it is lit and with the backdrop of the city to view is an excellent place to wile away a few hours. Opposite you will come across a favourite area of mine, Ladadika. Originally the Jewish part of the city the oppulent buildings now play host to dozens of Cafe’s, Taverna’s, bars etc and is the gastronomic part of town, here you will find pretty much any dish from anywhere around the globe. A lillt further along the seafont you will come across Aristotoleus Square, this is a famous landmark and well worth a leisurely look. Take a walk up the square and to the left behind the main buildings is the old market place, and to the right there is a myriad of alleyways that are the second city, here you will find traditional craftmen still making things as they have for generations, set amongst some pretty outlandish and colourful buildings it is yet again a chance to see the real city at its very best. At the far end of the seafront is the famous White Tower, and the brand new Alexander Memorial Park, only opened in September 2013 the park is proving to be as popular as the White Tower. Take a tour of the tower, it’s histiry is fascinating and the views from the top are stunnng giving you the chance to see just how big Thessaloniki is. From here on up the city sprawls out into the various districts each with it’s own claim to fame and each oozing with its own abundant history of which I still have to discover. Or you can as I have done in the past just find a cafe, plony yourself down and enjoy a lovely day just watching the world go by, why not, one thing you do not do in Thessaloniki is rush. Just take your time and let the city come to you… a tip, at sunset be at the front and watch Mount Olympos shine as the sun gets lower, see the incredible colours and rays of light as the sun fights to stay aloft and then settle into the early evening light, it really is a wonderful place to be.


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