Greece is a country that has many places that have been photographed millions of times. Places that almost everyone knows such Athens and the Acropolis or Santorini with the Caldera and the Volcano.

However, Greece for the lovers of travel photography has so much more to offer and we are starting our list with the first of many places worth visiting and photographing in the region of Epirus

Voidomatis River – Epirus
Voidomatis River - Epirus - Greece

Syrrako Village – Epirus
Syrrako Village - Epirus Grece

Ioannina – Epirus
Ioannina - Epirus - Greece

Drakolimni (c) Petros Nikolaou – Epirus
Drakolimni A by Petros Nikolaou - Epirus - Greece

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  • Rik Freeman

    Having travelled extensively throughout northern Greece, the Halkidiki region and now Corfu I cease to be amazed at the ever changing landscape that Greece offers around every turn, from sunrise to sunset, on the coast or inland it makes no difference Greece Is just amazing, rain or shine there is a plethora of subject material just screaming to be captured and shown around the world. The only thing it needs is you, come take a look and wonder at every sunset at the marvel that mother nature provides every single day. I cannot get enough of it and going by the results and feedback from the images I have nor can anyone that views them. The message is this, book a flight, and GO, you can figure the rest when you get there, I can guarantee this, you will not want to get the return flight….