Traveling to Greece for your Honeymoon?

Honeymoon in Greece

When someone thinks of romance and Greece, Santorini is the place that always pops up in their mind. Naturally, the island once called Kallisti (meaning the most beautiful one) is one of the most romantic destinations but we also very well know a few other places that are equally beautiful and worth being considered for a honeymoon or just a romantic escape.

Splitting them up in mainland and island destinations, here we go with our first picks:



  • Ioannina, both the city and the wider area surrounding it
  • Limeni in Mani, Peloponnese
  • Syvota in the region of Epirus

More to follow…

Sandals - Always a Go-Go

Summers in Greece, no-matter where you go, sandals are essential. For a morning walk in the city, for a day in the beach or even for a night out...

  • Rik Freeman

    For anyone looking for “that” dream location I cannot recommend Greece enough, You are really spoilt for choice with a location as each has its own personal touch that will not only reflect on the day but will provide so many happy memories for many many years to come. I have been to two Greek weddings in Greece and take it from me, there is nothing like it anywhere, the whole occassion is one massive celebration that involves everyone from the start to the end. If you really want to impress then Greece is the place to get married, if ever I have the opportunity (which I very much doubt) then Greece it is for me. I myself cannot single out a specific place as there really are so many, so, give the guys here at Reveal Greece a shout, they really do know there stuff and can advice you accordingly. I can guarantee this, it will not only be a day but a whole occasion you will never forget for all the right reasons. Not just you but everyone who attends will come away with something emblazened in there memory forever.


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