The White Tower of Thessaloniki – The symbol of the city!

White Tower

White Tower or Lefkos Pyrgos for us the Greeks is one of the landmarks of Thessaloniki that is no longer so white obviously but still dominates a part of the waterfront of the city and is one of those must see places when you are in the area.

It is a monument and a museum that once was part of the fortification constructed to protect that part of the city. It has a long history and has been used for different purposes over the centuries.

Today is open to the public so do make sure to visit the museum that is housed in the tower and get to know more about the city from all the exhibits around!

White Tower, Thessaloniki – Photo © Rik Freeman

  • Rik Freeman

    This is without doubt one of my favourite atttractions in Thessaloniki. Everytime I visit I make a point of coming here, not always to take a look inside although I have a couple of times in the past and I do recommend that anyone new to Greece or Thessaloniki takes the time to do so, they have some clever translation machines that describe each attraction to you as you get close to it, worn as an ear piece it makes it convenient for you to perusethe many artifacts and knowledge boards at your leisure rather than having to rely on a tour guide to try to explain things to you. Start from the lower floor and work your way up the stairs/ramps viewing each floor as you go and then finally top the trip of with a view from the top. WARNING, if you are 6 feet or taller be very very carefull when coming down from the top. As you walk up the tower you will notice you pass under arches between floors. It is not aproblem when walkling up as you tend to lean forward or stoop a little but on the way down it is all too easy to forget as you stand tall while walking, you will hit our head on the brickwork, this is not good as I did and ended up with a large gash in my head resembling someone that may well have tried to defend the Tower from invaders so many years ago. I think to this day the remnants of my scalp must still be where I hit them and no doubt adding to the history of this gallant building. That aside being where it is makes it the ideal location to arrange to meet or use as a rally point for tours etc. Being so prominant on the seafont it can be seen for miles and so is the perfect landmark should anyone get lost. The White Tower is now at the head of the newly opened and redeveloped Alexander The Great Memorial park. It has taken 2 years to transform a rather bland,open and unused strip of land into a modern, attractive and lively area that has received a lot of praise and accolade for the subtle yet intriguing new attractions, needless to say the umbrella feature that most of you may be aware of by now. Opposite the White Tower is the National Opera of Greece located in the majestic building across the road, note, DO NOT try to cross the main road away from the lights, you will become a subject for target practice by most of the drivers impatiently waiting for “there” lights to go green. Looking along the seafront towards the docks there are a mulittude of bars and small cafes to tempt you away from the sometimes stiffling heat. TIP: If you are on a budget do not eat or drink at any of these, you pay a price for the view, go to a cafe or bar just 50 yards away from the front and you can halve your price of refreshments etc. In a nutshell this IS a must go to see place if you are ever in the city, it was part of the original defence wall that surrounded Thessaloniki of which other parts of the wall can be found near the court house by the docks or for the brave ones who like a brisk wallk up the hill at Ano Poli, the original Old Fort that is now another sight seeing go to place. It all adds to the ambience of Thessaloniki that for me is a vibrant friendly if not at times down right crazy place to be.


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