Ypapanti, Komeno Bay – The little Church in the Sea

Ypapanti - Corfu Island - Reveal Greece

Ypapanti is unique! And it is definitely overlooked by travel guides this little beautiful church is located the bay of Komeno just 10km from the town of Corfu.

It’s been there for ages and even-though does not belong to the landmarks of the island we have founded to be one of the most beautiful little places around.

At Ypapanti during the summer months you can also see a lot of greek weddings taking place. Unfortunately this is almost impossible in the winter times since the seawaters occasionally cover totally the surrounding areas  and the church its self is tiny so it cannot host that many people inside.

Photo © Rik Freeman – On Assignment for Reveal Greece

  • Rik Freeman

    On my last visit to Corfu last year and getting this shot this was the first time I had ever seen this Church. It was recommended to me by a friend to visit and they were not wrong, it is absolutely gorgeous, the shot does not really do much justice to the surroundings of the location which are as nice as the church itself, not only by day but by night as well. Certainly one of Corfu’s best kept little secrets, if you find Moni Vlacharena a little too busy then just head out towards Dassia, you will see this on your way around the bay from Corfu town.


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